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Since 1988, Carina Software has been offering full-featured planetarium software used by amateur and professional astronomers, casual backyard stargazers, college instructors, and high school teachers.

An early version of our software was orginally developed in 1986-7 for the first generation of computer controlled amateur telescopes. At this time, our business was exclusively manufacturing custom equatorial telescope mounts. The Apple Macintosh was only a few years old, and Windows 95 was years away. With suitable electronics and a software interface featuring a graphical model of the sky, one could click on a planet or a cluster on the monochrome computer screen, and the telescope would move to the object. In 1987, people were amazed at this capability.

Our software interface for telescope control was called "ComTel". The program was written using the Forth programming language, which coincidentally has its origins in telescope control. For most programmers today, Forth is a strange and ancient tongue. The software was renamed Voyager I in 1988, and soon became a popular stand-alone astronomy program. The descendant of "ComTel" is sold today by Carina Software as Voyager 4.5, Dynamic Sky Simulator.

Carina Software & Instruments, Inc is a merger of our software and telescope mount businesses.


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