Getting Started with Voyager and SkyGazer

Updating your Software

After registering, Voyager and SkyGazer will ask if you wish to update your asteroid/comet/spacecraft data, and/or check for program updates. We suggest that you do this monthly. This will ensure that the positions will ensure of your solar system object are accurate and up to date.

Downloading and importing asteroid data may take a few minutes, since there are so many known asteroids (over 400,000 as of this writing!). Importing comet and satellite data should only take a few seconds.

If you get a "failed to download" error message while updating, the Minor Planet Center and/or Celestrak web sites may be down; these are where Voyager and SkyGazer get their asteroid/comet/satellite orbit data. If this happens (which is rare!), just try updating again later. You can also un-check the "Asteroids", "Comets", and "Spacecraft" options if you only want to download program updates.

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