Getting Started with Voyager and SkyGazer      

Changing Your Location

To change your location on the Earth, use the Location Panel with the world map. Drag the location marker (small x) to different parts of the map. Note how the sky changes as you move - for example, note how Polaris (the North Star) moves higher in the sky as you move closer to the pole.

You can choose a specific location from the menu of cities above the Location Panel's map. Double-click the map, or choose Set Location... from the city menu (or from the Chart menu in the main menu bar). A dialog box appears which lets you choose a location from a list of over 1400 US and world cities, a globe of the Earth, or by entering its coordinates.

To enter a location that is not in the list, select "User Locations" from the menu above the list. Enter its name and coordinates at the top of the dialog box, then click the "Add Location" button.

To save your location as the program's default, select the File menu > Save Startup Settings command.

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