Getting Started with Voyager and SkyGazer      

Changing the Horizon

To change the landscape in the foreground, go to the Display menu > Sky & Horizon command. In the dialog box that appears, click the "Choose Image..." button in the lower left corner. This lets you browse the "Horizons" folder to select any one of the other horizon panoramas which ship with the program. If you are handy with photoshop, and have a few hours to kill, you can also create your own horizon panoramas; see the User's Guide for details.

You can show the horizon as a solid or outlined profile by choosing the "Opaque", "Translucent", or "Transparent" horizon options in this dialog. With any of these selected, the horizon profile is editable. Click and drag the mouse in the dialog's preview area to create the outlines of trees, houses, etc. as they appear from your backyard. When you click "OK", your profile will appear in the main sky chart window.

You can control the horizon glow, sun glow, and moon glow from this dialog as well, or from the Natural Sky submenu below Sky and Horizon in the Display menu. You can quickly turn daylight off and on using the Display Panel's "Natural Sky" button, which looks like a sunny sky over mountains. In Voyager (but not SkyGazer), double-clicking this button takes you to the "Sky & Horizon" dialog box.

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