Getting Started with Voyager and SkyGazer      

Moving Around the Solar System

To move out into the Solar System, click the "Solar System" tab in the Location Panel. Use the arrows in the Location Panel, or click and drag the sky to "move around" the sun. Use the distance slider to the right of the arrows in the Location Panel to change your distance from the Sun.

You can choose a different object to move around by selecting one from the menu in the Location Panel above the arrows. Try Saturn, or Mars. Use the arrows and distance slider to view the object from different positions in space. (You may end up "inside" the object if you move the distance slider too close!)

Choose Saturn's moon Titan from the Location Panel's menu of objects. Use the distance slider to move close to Titan, so it fills a good portion of the screen. Then right-click the mouse on Titan, or control-click if you have a Mac with a single-button mouse. Un-check "Show Atmosphere" from the popup menu. Titan will then be displayed without its atmosphere, as seen by the Cassini spacecraft's radar mapper.

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